What to Expect

We understand our Sunday worship to be a covenant renewal ceremony. That might sound strange to you so let us explain it briefly.

While we could get wrapped up describing how we do things (music, dress, etc.) on Sunday the important thing is to understand what is going on when we come together.

Leviticus 1:1-9 is a beautiful picture of this reality. In this passage we see the various elements of a covenant renewal ceremony:

Call to Worship: God invites the worshiper to draw near with an offering from his herd (vv. 1-2);

Confession and Cleansing: The worshiper places his hands on the offering’s head, symbolically transferring his guilt to the animal. The sacrifice is then slain and its blood is sprinkled on the altar as an atonement for the worshiper’s sin (vv. 3-5);

Consecration: The slain animal is then cut up and arranged in such a way as to be a fitting burnt offering to God (vv. 6-7);

Communion: The smoke of the slain and flayed animal, representing the worshiper, now ascends into God’s presence where it becomes a “food offering with a pleasing aroma to the LORD,” a communion meal (vv. 8-9);

Commission: Once the sacrifice has been made, God sends the worshiper out renewed and empowered for service in his kingdom (Num. 6:22-27).

This is the pattern we follow as a church seeking to worship God. Everything we do is shaped by the covenantal example.